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Prosthetics for Refugees

There are hundreds of thousands of refugees and young people living with amputations in the developing world. Unfortunately, the prosthetic limbs currently available are either too expensive and or not fit for purpose. IRT aims to support the development of high-activity, low-cost prosthetics which will help refugees and people in developing countries to regain their mobility and live with dignity.


Author: Jessica Eames

Redeemer Children's Home

Many children in northern Uganda are orphans after losing their parents during the conflict’s violence or from HIV/AIDS, which is highly prevalent in the region. The children need a safe and loving environment where they can grow up and attend school.



Rainbow HIV and Aids Project, Nzara Hospital

There are an estimated 180,000 people living with HIV/AIDS in South Sudan. In 2015, 12,000 people died from AIDS, and over 100,000 children were orphaned after losing one or both parents to the disease. Only 10% of those diagnosed with AIDS are receiving anti-retroviral treatment.


Author: Joe Cooper

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    We're reaching the most vulnerable with vital care, education and a safe environment for a more hopeful future.

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    Children were treated at Nzara hospital, South Sudan last year with IRT's support


    Caesarean sections carried out a day at the Italian Hospital, Amman with IRT's support


    People are participating in IRT's Step Up programme in Uganda

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Our news

Our news

  • Sir Terry Wogan's interview with IRT's founder Fr. Kevin Doheny

    In this interview from December 1990, Fr Doheny talks to the legendary Sir Terry Wogan about his life, his work with Mother Theresa and why he chose this vocation to help refugees around the world. Read more

  • Students Win place in ‘One World Challenge’ final with IRT

    International Refugee Trust is proud to announce that a group of students from Ballerkermeen High School, Isle of Man, have been chosen to go through to the grand final of ‘One World Charity Challenge’. Year 12 students Siân Beale, Marie Tulbo, Carmela Pabellan, Jenny Hill and Aaron Kaneen, chose to represent IRT and gave an outstanding presentation about IRT's work. All of their hard work paid off, and they won a place in the grand final on the 27th March 2019. Read more

  • Registration now open!

    The Great Chiswick Firewalk 2019 on 12th October from 5pm. Registration is now open! Read more

Our stories

Our Stories

  • Why do we support Syrian refugees?

    The civil war in Syria has resulted in a refugee situation on a catastrophic scale.. Read more

  • "Finish your dinner!"

    “Finish your dinner! There are starving children in Africa!” That’s what my mother would bark at me as a child when I refused to finish my dinner! “Well why don’t you put my dinner in an envelope, and send it to them then”, a cheeky adolescent Jess would reply. Read more

  • 1989

    30 years ago, in 1989, the International Refugee Trust (IRT) was founded, and it was certainly an important year in history. People in the Western world may remember the fall of the Berlin Wall, the ‘man v tank’ in Tiananmen Square (pictured), the execution of Ted Bundy, Nintendo releasing its ‘Game Boy’, the release of the very first Microsoft office, the first ever GPS satellite put into orbit, plus many other historical events. Read more

  • IRT help baby Lilas in Jordan

    Lilas’ (pictured) parents Ahmad and Hailma had already suffered unimaginable pain as refugees from Aleppo, they fled to Jordan in 2013. Displaced by the brutal civil war which continues to destroy lives across Syria, they felt hopeless when they were faced with yet another undeserved trauma. Their 8-month-old daughter, Lilas, began suffering from bronchitis. Lilas is yet another statistic in the millions of innocent children whose parents have been forced to flee Syria in search of safety and ba Read more