We are often told by nutritionists that to lead a healthy life, you must simply eat five pieces of fruit and veg, and three meals a day. However, children in northern Uganda, victims of extreme poverty, will have to survive on only five meals a week, washed down with dirty water. If you feel that these children and their families do not deserve to live in this poverty, donate today and feed them the three meals a day they deserve. Give them a chance at survival.

Meet one of our many success stories, Jimmy and Jennifer:

As children, Jimmy and Jennifer’s homes were burnt to the ground by the LRA (Lord’s Resistance Army) when the group took hold of their village. The violence and destruction were devastating, and they were forced to flee with their families and live in refugee camps in horrendous conditions. After the LRA was defeated and safety was restored, they went back to their home village of Angirodyang, in Okwangole parish, Alebtong district, where they worked hard to rebuild their lives. The couple have three young girls and were struggling to provide for them. With a lack of training in farming techniques, they would harvest very little and eat one single meal a day. Jimmy had no hope and ambition for his daughters’ future. Your donations meant that Jimmy and Jennifer’s family could join IRT’s StepUp programme, which changed their lives. Their future now looks bright, and the family are going from strength to strength.

"My proof are my daughters, look at them! They are happy and healthy, and they are not missing a single day from school!” - Jimmy     

"We had a grass thatched home which had a small kitchen. We all used to sleep in the one room together. StepUp has done so much that it’s countless. Dish drying rack, rubbish pit, planting training so we have healthy trees in our compound, good energy saving cooker, vegetable growing. So much. I can’t say. We started having big dreams. We’ve started to think about the future of our daughters with hope, and with the training we have received we can put whatever plans we have into practice. I want my daughters to study and they shouldn’t drop out. My daughters have hope for a good future.” - Jennifer

We are so grateful for all your donations, making the StepUp programme a huge success, but there are still thousands of refugees who need your help.