Twins Elizabeth and Nambatayo want to become Doctors and help other refugees

Schools in refugee camps around the world are often underfunded and overcrowded, making it extremely difficult for refugee children to access a good education. Read more

Hope for baby Jenny in Nzara, South Sudan

In Nzara, South Sudan, IRT support the St Therese Hospital. The paediatric ward in particular is incredibly busy every day. Sarah Rubino who is a certified Midwife, has been working at the hospital for the past ten months and recently told us about little baby Jenny (pictured). Read more

IRT help baby Lilas in Jordan

Lilas’ (pictured) parents Ahmad and Hailma had already suffered unimaginable pain as refugees from Aleppo, they fled to Jordan in 2013. Displaced by the brutal civil war which continues to destroy lives across Syria, they felt hopeless when they were faced with yet another undeserved trauma. Their 8-month-old daughter, Lilas, began suffering from bronchitis. Lilas is yet another statistic in the millions of innocent children whose parents have been forced to flee Syria in search of safety and ba Read more

IRT help Wafaa at the Italian Hospital in Amman, Jordan

IRT volunteer Flora Barker writes about the impact IRT are making in Amman, Jordan: Like millions of other refugees, 41-year-old Wafaa was forced to flee her home in Syria following the devastating civil war. She and her family made the treacherous journey to Jordan in 2013. With her husband Mohamed being trapped in unemployment, due to his crippling physical disability, the family’s income is extremely limited. Wafaa and Mohamed survive month-to-month on food vouchers and cash assistance from Read more