Natasha has a BA (Hons) in International Studies and English Literature from Liverpool Hope University. Upon graduating, she began working for a small payroll company, but really wanted to pursue a career that would enable her to help change peoples’ lives, particularly those who have been displaced due to war and conflict. It was with this goal in mind that she completed a masters’ degree at Leeds Beckett University, focusing on Peace and Development.

Whilst studying for her MA, Natasha became incredibly passionate about helping people in the poorest regions of the world and doing whatever she could to make even the slightest difference to their plight. Her interests are inclusive of: agriculture, war and peace, human rights, sustainability and female empowerment, to name a few. It was for these reasons she chose to pursue a career with IRT, as they also work towards; eradicating poverty, providing education/medical assistance, helping set up small businesses and overall self sustainability for those who have been displaced due to war, conflict and poverty. 

You have never really lived until you have done something for someone who can never repay you.