International Refugee Trust is proud to announce that a group of students from Ballerkermeen High School, Isle of Man, have been chosen to go through to the grand final of ‘One World Charity Challenge’. Year 12 students Siân Beale, Marie Tulbo, Carmela Pabellan, Jenny Hill and Aaron Kaneen, chose to represent IRT and gave an outstanding presentation about IRT's work. All of their hard work paid off, and they won a place in the grand final on the 27th March 2019.

‘One World Charity Challenge’ is sponsored by AFD Software Ltd and coordinated by the One World Centre, Isle of Man. The Challenge sets out to give Year-12 students a greater understanding of the developing world through researching the work of a charity working overseas.  Students, working in teams, are challenged to choose a charity working overseas, which is either Manx registered or a small UK based charity, then research the work and interview representatives of that charity.  They must then create a 10-12 minute multi-media presentation which examines the effectiveness of their chosen charity, shows cultural understanding and looks at the impact the charity has had on someone’s life.

All finalists are guaranteed a grant of a minimum of £500 for their chosen charity, and the winning presentation at the grand final will win their chosen charity a whopping £3,500 grant.

We at IRT are delighted to be represented by such a passionate and talented group of students. Their commitment to our cause is both inspiring and heart-warming and we wish them the most extraordinary good luck at the ‘One World Charity Challenge’ final on 27th March.” – Steve Smith MBE – CEO at IRT

For more information about the challenge, please visit the 'One World Charity Challenge' website.

Charity Challenge update

Congratulations to our incredibly talented team from Ballerkermeen High School, Siân Beale, Marie Tulbo, Carmela Pabellan, Jenny Hill and Aaron Kaneen who came third in the One World Charity Challenge on 27th March 2019, and won IRT a £1,600 grant! The students also raised an additional £250 in fundraising. We are so very proud of them and thank them, and the One World charity for their incredible support.