The Dominican sisters of the presentation

The history of the dominican sisters goes back more than three centuries ago in 1653, founded by Marie Poussepin of Dourdan. Read more

The rainbow volunteers

The Rainbow Volunteers are a local community group supported by the Comboni Missionary Sisters. They organise themselves and are both highly competent in the care they give and passionate in the support they give those affected. Read more

The Tanzania training centre for orthopaedic technologists (TATCOT)

TATCOT is a supra-regional training centre providing courses in the field of orthopaedic technology in Africa. The Centre provides the ideal location for testing the technology, advising on modifications and improvements, and refining the manufacturing process, so that the technology might be easily replicated in developing world countries. Read more

Sacred Heart Sisters

The Sacred Heart Sisters, and Sr Maureen Kojoa has been running the Moyo Babies Home for over 7 years. The sisters also run the Redeemer children's home in Uganda. Along with the Sisters the home employs support staff such as nursery carers from the surrounding districts. Read more

Organisation for community action (OCA)

OCA was established in 2001 in Lira, Northern Uganda to mobilize resources to implement various community based activities geared toward improving standard of living of the rural subsistence farmers. Read more

The Comboni Missionary Sisters

Illness knows no boundaries, and nor do the Sisters. Their compassion for everyone seeking their help is deep, and the medical care which the Sisters and their staff give is second to none. Read more