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Crisis Appeal to Help Children of South Sudan

The situation South Sudan is bleak; the stories of famine and conflict are distressing. Young children are suffering the most, but they’re not without hope. Please help us support the Comboni Missionary Sisters to carry on caring for sick and starving children in South Sudan.

Appeal to Help Syrian Refugee Children in Jordan

More than half of Syrian refugees are children. The unhygienicĀ and over crowded living conditions are causing children to fall sick. Please help to provide medical are to Syrian refugee children in Jordan.

Crisis Appeal for Children in Uganda

Only 33% of cildren successfully complete primary school in Uganda. As part of the StepUp programme IRT is helping to make sure more children receive an education.

Emergency Appeal for the Sisters in Jordan

The Sisters are doing all they can to help Syrian refugees in Jordan but they need your support

Crisis Appeal for South Sudan

Fr. Joe and the Sisters are doing all they can to help families fleeing violence



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