StepUp Production Store

Exciting things are happening with Step Up! Five years ago, IRT first implemented the StepUp programme , which trains local farmers to grow their own food effectively and sustainably in northern Uganda. Families who once struggled to eat one meal per day are now able to have three nutritious meals per day. We hope to […]

Riding Across London for Refugees

A special thank you to a team of 7 cyclists from PayPal who are cycling the Prudential Ride London to raise money for IRT. The 100-mile event starts at Queen Elizabeth Olympic Park before finishing on The Mall. Jess Tinker, from PayPal in Richmond, approached us and graciously claimed all our Ride London spaces. She […]

Words from Steve: Thanks to you we’re reaching refugees and the most vulnerable

Over the last year we have witnessed insurmountable generosity from you, our committed supporters. Although the situation for millions of refugees and displaced people around the globe remains dire, your generous donations have allowed us to make a significant impact for the good. We feel both proud and humbled that your gifts have been able […]

How will you Be Bold for Change?

  Today is International Women’s Day. The commemoration happens  8 March with a different focus each year. Last year’s focus was to Pledge for Parity. As the gender gap is not predicted to close until 2186, this year’s theme seems fitting to take action. Be Bold for Change. By now, you’ve probably seen the hashtag […]

Great North Run 2017

The beginning of February is a crucial time when it comes to making or breaking New Year’s resolutions. Was your resolution to be more active? Or are you setting out to try something you’ve never done before? Why not train for a half marathon? The Great North Run, held in Newcastle Upon Tyne on 10 […]

Decades on Uganda is still feeling the effects of the LRA conflict

Present day Uganda is shaped by the Lord’s Resistance Army (LRA) insurgency. Many of the hardships that the people of Uganda experience exist because of the LRA rebels. Our partners in Uganda support those who are living in poverty, as well as orphans and internally displaced people, many of whom became this way because of […]

Only 33% of children in Uganda complete primary school

The Ugandan government claimed to introduce Universal Primary Education in 1997, but recent reports state otherwise. In 2000, leaders around the world sanctioned a list of goals that would be achieved by 2015. They were called the Millennium Development Goals (MDGs). The second goal called for every child in the world to receive a full […]

Peace is the Key to Sustainable Development

Organisation for Community Action (OCA) uses an integrated approach to development in response to the complexity of factors that perpetuate poverty. It acknowledges that isolated actions cannot adequately improve livelihoods for the longer term. OCA envisions a country free from extreme poverty, but they know there are many issues that need solving in order to […]

Ugandan children still missing out on school

For years, the Lord’s Resistance Army (LRA) terrorised northern Uganda, killing hundreds of thousands and displacing millions of innocent people. Today, while the region is no longer in fear of daily attacks, the effects are proving to be long lasting. One of the biggest obstacles the Ugandan people are trying to overcome are the very […]

How financial management training is improving our transparency

IRT’s partner, Organisation for Community Action (OCA) was formed in 2001 to help the local communities in and around the town of Lira in northern Uganda. Unfortunately, due to the brutal attacks by the Lord’s Resistance Army (LRA) in the area, operations had to cease. But by 2009 with the LRA driven out of Uganda […]