Good news to start off 2017

We’re so happy to let our supporters know that our Mae Sot Sustainable Livelihoods project in Thailand no longer need our support. Over the years we have been able to help hundreds of Burmese refugees learn new skills and access opportunities to start their own businesses. With the long-term stability of Myanmar getting better every […]

Run the Great North Run in support of refugees

  Great North Run, the world’s greatest half marathon The Great North Run can’t be beaten. It attracts world class athletes like Mo Farah and Haile Gebrselassie, is televised by the BBC, and has over 57,000 other runners from around the world taking part. What’s more, the atmosphere is absolutely electric with thousands of people cheering you on […]

IRT helps Burmese Refugees set-up their own businesses

We have previously argued that it is of paramount importance to increase the self-reliance of refugees in order to ensure the sustainability of their eventual return. In the short term, increased self-reliance also enhances their potential for successful local integration. IRT is one of the few organisations working with non-camp-based populations on the Thai-Burma border, […]

Why are there still Burmese refugees in Thailand?

Over the past three decades, armed conflict, human rights abuses and rampant insecurity in Burma’s ethnic minority regions have forced hundreds of thousands to flee their homeland into neighbouring Thailand, creating a protracted refugee situation which has yet to be resolved. International Refugee Trust has been supporting these refugees since 1993, and is committed to […]

Burmese Refugees in Thailand Still Need Your Help

We are writing today to ask for your help.  The news gets no better from Syria and the number of refugees fleeing into neighbouring countries continues to grow.  As well as the Syrian crisis, the people of South Sudan are in fear that violence in the country’s central region will escalate and yet again they […]

UN survey is not well-received by Burmese refugees

This past Tuesday, 3,600 refugees in the Mae La camp signed a petition against a profiling survey, which was delivered to UNHCR spokesperson Vivian Tan and Mae La field coordinator Iain Hall. The survey in question was initiated by the UNHCR along with the Royal Thai government with the purpose of the project being, “to learn from the […]

Adrian’s field visit to the Thai-Burma border

Adrian recently returned from his trip to Thailand to see how the projects IRT supports are getting on and assess further involvement in the region in the future. IRT helps fund two projects working with Burmese refugees through local partners in Thailand. The first project is the outreach programme to the Shan and Lahu ethnic […]

Burma’s Refugees

For decades hundreds of thousands of Burmese have been forced from their homes to neighbouring countries due to the extreme violence they have been subjected to by the junta army in Burma, who have been in power since the 1960s. IRT supports various projects in Thailand, near its border with Burma, which help some of these […]

Aung San Suu Kyi’s UK visit

Last week, Burmese opposition leader Aung San Suu Kyi visited the UK for four days. Having once lived in the UK, she had not been able to travel here for 24 years as she was confined to house arrest by the Burmese regime.  Earlier last week she visited Norway, where she was presented with her […]

Burma’s by-elections aftermath

April 1st 2012 saw a great change in Burma’s political arena when Ms Aung San Suu Kyi’s National League for Democracy (NLD) won 43 seats in parliament. The Burmese population celebrated and optimism of the nation’s path to democracy was heard from all over the globe. During the campaign, foreign journalists and international observers were given […]