For over 50 years, Jordanians have provided a safe haven for millions of refugees – Palestinians, Iraqis, and now Syrians.

IRT first started supporting projects in Jordan in 1998 when the country was a refuge for Palestinians.

Refugees are in need of medical treatment, especially vulnerable mothers and children. Due to Jordanian policies, refugees are unable to receive free treatment, and must pay.

IRT continues to help support the medical treatment of refugees in Jordan through two hospitals in Amman and Karak.

Today Jordan is trying to cope with the largest refugee crisis since the end of World War II- the Syrian refugee crisis. Over 1.4 million Syrians have crossed the Jordanian border to escape civil war in their country. The two hospitals, in Amman and Karak, are working around the clock to treat as many Syrian refugees as they can, and here at IRT we are doing all we can to support their work.