Must-Watch Documentaries For World Refugee Week 2022

20 June 2022

This year’s theme for Refugee Week is healing. Watching a film is a simple act that you can do to learn more about a refugee’s experience. Here we have put together, 5 must-watch documentaries that shed light on the stories of refugees.

Flee (2021)

An animated movie directed by Jonas Poher Rasmussen, Flee tells the story of an Afghan refugee in Denmark and his search for identity. The film explores the life of Amin Nawabi, a long-time friend of Rasmussen, as he is about to marry his husband. Amin was forced to flee his home country of Afghanistan as a young child and is now grappling with how his past will affect his future. The film beautifully tells the story of Amin’s past, his trauma, the truth about his family, and his acceptance of his own sexuality.

Cave (2019)

Oscar nominee, Feras Fayyad, directs an unflinching film that shows the realities of a subterranean hospital in the besieged town of Ghouta.  The film centres around the female doctor, Dr Amani Ballour, who runs the hospital and is determined to challenge the patriarchal system. Dr Ballour and her colleagues work tirelessly treating those injured by Assad’s regime, while facing constant bombardments, chronic supply shortages and the overhanging threat of chemical weapons. The Cave sheds light to the bravery, resilience and compassion shown by the people working in the hospital and the patients treated.

Limbo (2020)

A story of a four of asylum awaiting the results of their refugee claim on a fictional island, the film is a comedy-drama film, directed by Ben Sharrock. Focused upon Omar, a young Syrian musician burdened by the weight of his grandfather’s oud, which he has carried all the way from his hometown.

Human Flow (2017)

The work of Chinese contemporary artist and activist Ai Wei Wei, the film shows the root causes behind displacement from across the world. Travelling through 23 countries in different continents, Ai Wei Wei, captures the reality of the “refugee crisis” in a visually captivating format.

The Last Shelter (2021)

The Last Shelter is an emotional portrait of a town in Mali, on the edge of the Sahel Desert. It is a quiet way station for migrants on their way to Europe, or returning home. The documentary was directed, written and filmed by the Malian filmmaker, Ousmane