Our Partners

IRT takes pride in partnering with remarkable organisations globally. Beyond delivering crucial life-saving medical care, we actively engage in supporting enduring projects aimed at enhancing the lives of thousands of refugees abroad. Our collaborative efforts extend beyond immediate relief, focusing on sustainable initiatives that address the long-term needs and challenges faced by displaced individuals around the world. Through these partnerships, we strive to make a lasting impact and contribute to the well-being and resilience of refugee communities.

OCA was established in 2001 in Lira, Northern Uganda to mobilise resources to implement various community-based activities geared toward improving the standard of living of the rural subsistence farmers.OCA looks after our StepUp programme in Uganda.

The Sacred Heart Sisters, with Sister Maureen Kojoa has been running the Moyo Babies’ Home for over 7 years. The sisters also run the Redeemer Children’s Home in Uganda. Along with the Sister Paqua, the Home employs support staff, such as nursery carers from the surrounding districts.

Legs4Africa is a charitable organization dedicated to improving the lives of amputees in Africa by providing access to prosthetic limbs and supporting rehabilitation efforts. Founded with a vision of addressing the significant challenges faced by amputees in the region, Legs4Africa collects used and unwanted prosthetic limbs in the UK, refurbishes them, and redistributes them to amputees in various African countries.

The history of the Dominican sisters goes back more than three centuries ago in 1653, founded by Marie Poussepin of Dourdan.Their charity has grown over the years and the sisters now work in 36 countries around the world helping those in need of their help.The Dominican Sisters of the Presentation run the Italian Hospital in Amman, Jordan where they treat as many refugees as they can.

Illness knows no boundaries, and nor do the Sisters. Their compassion for everyone seeking their help is deep, and the medical care which the Sisters and their staff give is second to none.The Comboni sisters came into being in 1872 as an exclusive missionary institute and as a result of the prophetic inspiration of Daniel Comboni. He was a missionary who was passionate about Africa and who always gave priority to the poorest and most excluded people in the world.There are currently 1563 Comboni sisters, from 33 countries working around the world. The sisters work in 30 countries on four continents, helping thousands of refugees every year.IRT is very proud to be supporting the sisters at the Karak Hospital in Jordan, The Paediatric Ward at Nzara Hospital and various school in South Sudan