Scholarships for Girls

While the rate of primary and secondary education is climbing in Uganda, there are still many factors turning girls away from school. Inadequate school infrastructure (classrooms and furniture), sexual harassment and gender based violence, pregnancy, and household responsibilities such as cooking and caring for younger siblings are all major deterrents for girls in Uganda. Read more

Moyo Babies Home

Many children and babies become orphaned during times of conflict and forced displacement. The nature of the conflicts in northern Uganda and across the border in South Sudan have made it especially difficult to find relatives of lost and orphaned children. Every child deserves a safe and loving environment to grow up in and that is exactly what Moyo Babies’ Home offers to hundreds of babies and children. Read more

Step Up

In northern Uganda, 80% of the population are subsistence farmers meaning they survive hand-to-mouth, growing just enough food for one meal a day. Farming is heavy work, yet over 75% of the labour is done by women who work 12-18 hour days. Child mortality in the region is around 50%. People see no other way to survive. They are trapped in a cycle of poverty-aid-dependence with seemingly no way to break out of this cycle and become self-sufficient. Read more

Redeemer Children's Home

Many children in northern Uganda are orphans after losing their parents during the conflict’s violence or from HIV/AIDS, which is highly prevalent in the region. The children need a safe and loving environment where they can grow up and attend school. Read more