Project themes:

The Challenge

Many of the Syrian refugees arrive in Jordan sick and injured, or they become sick and succumb to infections because of the overcrowded living conditions. The high levels of stress also cause complications and premature births in many of the women.

Our Aim

We aim to help the most needy and to support the hospitals’ doctors and nurses to care for as many vulnerable refugees as possible, to provide crucial treatments, lifesaving surgeries and any additional methods of support they may need.

Areas of work

Medical care for Syrian refugees

A Sister on the ward at Italian Hospitla Amman

The hospital treats as many people as possible in its outpatient departments, but some have to be admitted, increasing costs. Medical care includes treating scabies (very common due to the overcrowded, unhygienic conditions the refugees are forced to live in). Many of the children also develop serious infections because they are so weak and malnourished. More serious illnesses such as kidney stones, nephrostomy, gastroscopy and bone infections require surgery. Because of the conditions and stress of fleeing the bombing in Syria many women suffer complicated pregnancies and require caesarean sections.


“We are having now at least 300 or more each day, outpatients and many inpatients. Many many operations, endless deliveries, caesarean section at least 5-6 per day. Due to stress many premature deliveries and complications for the mothers.”

Sr. Elizabeth Chakkiath, Director of the Italian Hospital, Amman

Our partner

Jordan, Amman hospital - partner org v2Dominican Sisters of the Presentation

The Dominican Sisters of the Presentation run the Italian Hospital in the capital, Amman, where they treat as many refugees as they can.