Project themes:

The Challenge

Many children and babies become orphaned during times of conflict and forced displacement. The nature of the conflicts in northern Uganda and across the border in South Sudan have made it especially difficult to find relatives of lost and orphaned children. Every child deserves a safe and loving environment to grow up in and that is exactly what Moyo Babies’ Home offers to hundreds of babies and children.

Our Aim

In supporting Moyo Babies’ Home, our aim is to provide vulnerable orphaned babies and children in northern Uganda with a save and loving environment to grow up.

Areas of work

Caring for the children:

Uganda, moyo babies home, areas of work - caring for the children

Moyo Babies’ Home provides the children with a safe and loving environment to grow up in and to begin school. The babies are watched over constantly by the Care Assistants, who give loving care to all the children. When the children become old enough, the Home supports them in going to the local nursery school and then to the primary school nearby.



Income generating projects

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To help ensure the long-term care of the children, IRT is supporting the Sisters at Moyo Babies’Home to establish and run income generating projects which can help fund the day-to-day running of the Home. Projects include vegetable growing, keeping poultry and rearing goats. These type of projects not only help supply the Home with food for the older children but the excess can be sold to pay for the babies’ formula. The Sisters also share beehives with the Sisters at Redeemer Children’s Home. Bee keeping is a great source of income as honey is an in-demand product in Uganda.


Re-settlement of the Children

Uganda, moyo babies home, areas of work - re-settlement of children

The Head of Moyo Babies’ Home Sr. Maureen Kojoa does all that she can to find the children homes either in the local community or, if they are South Sudanese, back in South Sudan. Fortunately, each year a few lucky children are found loving homes in their former communities. Sr. Maureen makes rigorous checks on the suitability of prospective adoptive families and conducts follow-up visits after the child has been re-settled.

Our partner

Uganda, moyo babies home, partnerSacred Heart Sisters

The Home is managed by the Sacred Heart Sisters, and Sr Maureen Kojoa has been the Home’s director for over 7 years. Along with the Sisters the home employs support staff such as nursery carers from the surrounding districts.