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Since 2011, an estimated 1.4 million have escaped to Jordan from Syria. Women and children have fled their homes to find safety from the bombs, often carrying little but the clothes on their backs. Living in dire poverty and lacking everyday essentials, Syrian mothers are often faced with stark choices. At worst, they may have to choose between food or life-saving medical treatment for their child.

With no end to the Syrian civil war in sight, it is easy to feel overwhelmed and powerless in the face of so much suffering, when we see stories about refugees on our televisions, or read about their plights in our newspapers.

But there is something that YOU can do.

We are supporting two Italian Catholic hospitals in Amman and Karak run by The Dominican Sisters of the Presentation and the Comboni Missionary Sisters. They provide free, lifesaving treatment, maternal healthcare, paediatric care and emergency aid to hundreds of Syrian women and children.

Every day, our partners do all that they can to help as many Syrian refugees as possible but, as costs for medications, surgical instruments and even bandages rise, they are struggling to cope. They are forced to face the heartbreaking choice of providing treatment for one Syrian child over another, whilst they desperately try to find additional funds for support.

Your kind and generous support is needed now more than ever. 

We can help to save lives and ensure Syrian mothers don’t have to make the harsh choice between providing food or seeking medical treatment for their children. And, that our partners don’t have to confront the harrowing dilemma of turning some patients away.

You can help ensure that Syrian mothers don’t have to give up on the dreams they have for their children’s futures.

You can help save a Syrian child’s life.