Project themes:

The Challenge

Every child deserves an education, but in South Sudan 70% of children aged 6-17 years old will never get the chance to go to school, and for those children who start school only 10% will complete primary school. And the situation is even worse for girls where the attendance rate is only 33%.  This all amounts to South Sudan having one of the worst education rates in the world.

Our Aim

International Refugee Trust (IRT) is trying to reverse these figures by supporting schools across South Sudan, providing financial support for crucial supplies like books and desks, supplementing teachers’ wages and even supporting maintenance costs, in particular ensuring clean water and latrines for the children.

Areas of work

Nzara Primary School

South sudan, schools, area of work - Nzara primary school

IRT has been supporting the Comboni Sisters’ primary school in Nzara for several years. We help by contributing to teachers’ salaries and providing school bags and high energy biscuits to the most malnourished children.

The school teaches around 1,000 children and is one of the best schools in the region. In 2012, the school was ranked first out of all schools in the Western Equatoria State with two of its students ranking among the best performing individuals.


Our Partners

South Sudan partner schoolsMissionary Sisters of the Blessed Virgin Mary and Comboni Missionary Sisters

We work with the Missionary Sisters of the Blessed Virgin Mary, a congregation of South Sudanese Sisters founded in 1980 in the small town of Mupoi and the Comboni Sisters who have mentored them since their foundation. Both congregations of Sisters have dedicated themselves to helping the children and families of South Sudan, often putting their own lives at risk. It is through their work establishing and managing these schools that the children of South Sudan have the vital opportunity to go to school.