Project themes:

The Challenge

Education is important to the people of South Sudan; however, it is not a top priority for the current government. While it is easier to access primary and secondary education in urban areas, rural communities are often left behind. There are many obstacles getting in the way of children’s education in South Sudan: the ongoing conflict between the government and the opposition, lack of resources such as buildings for schools, desks, chairs, books, but most importantly having trained teachers so children can learn. A school can be built and be stocked with books and tables, but it is nothing without teachers.

Our Aim

IRT supports the the local South Sudanese order of the Missionary Sisters of the Blessed Virgin Mary to provide scholarships which enable Sisters to attend training courses and become qualified teachers who can then teach in schools supported by the order.

Areas of work

Scholarship programme

A Sister outside of class

For a selected number of Sisters wishing to train as teachers and then teach in the order’s schools, scholarships are available to attend teacher training college in Uganda (such courses are unavailable in South Sudan. IRT assists in the funding of a scholarship programme that allows Sisters to attend university or training programmes with the outcome of becoming a teacher. Since there is depleted source of trained individuals to teach primary school children, we are happy to support the Sisters’ efforts.

Our partner

South Sudan MSBVM partner orgMissionary Sisters of the Blessed Virgin Mary

Missionary Sisters of the Blessed Virgin Mary are a local South Sudanese order of Catholic nuns which were founded and continue to be mentored by the Comboni Missionary Sisters.