Project themes:

Being forced from your home, leaving all that you know behind and fleeing your country is something unimaginable to many of us.

But humanitarian crises such as civil conflicts, natural disasters and crippling poverty meant more than 65 million people, an unprecedented number, are experiencing this tragedy.

With your support, IRT’s mission, is to help transform the lives of refugees and vulnerable families living in desperate conditions.

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Our work on the ground:


We are working in Jordan with two Italian Catholic hospitals in Amman and Karak run by The Dominican Sisters of the Presentation and the Comboni Missionary Sisters. They provide free, life-saving treatment and medical care to hundreds of Syrian women and children, many of whom are suffering from sever illnesses such as pneumonia and sever bronchitis.

Your kind and generous support will help us to treat even more of the sick and weak. 

South Sudan

As South Sudan is plunged further into brutal and endless civil war, our brave partners on the ground, The Comboni Missionary Sisters, are in the southern town of Nzara running our supported projects at Nzara Hospital, Rainbow Community Programme and Nzara Primary School.

We’re working tirelessly with the Sisters to provide vital food, medicine and hope to as many vulnerable and sick children as possible. But, as the crisis unfolds, our projects struggle to accomodate the influx of war-scarred women and children.

Your support for our work is needed now more than ever. 


Uganda is one of the world’s poorest nations, due to decades of conflict. We’re working with our partners, the Sacred Heart Sisters, to provide a safe refuge for helpless babies and children up to the age of six at Moyo Babies’ Home and Redeemer Chidlren’s Home in Moyo; a small town bordering South Sudan.

In northern Uganda, with out partners, Organisation for Community Action (OCA) we’re lifting rural families out of grinding poverty to a level of self sufficiency. Through our ‘Step Up’ programme we’re helping families in every area of their lives, from food production and health to gender equality, education and water.

You can help us lift even more families out of poverty. 

Our partners on the ground

South SudanThe Dominican Sisters of the Presentation; The Comboni Missionary Sisters; Sacred Heart Sisters; OCA

Intenational Refugee Trust in helping support locally-run projects in Jordan, South Sudan and Uganda. Many of the projects are run by our partners, mostly Missionary Sisters, who have dedicated their lives to helping families survive in abject poverty and children who are rendered all the more vulnerable by armed conflict.