Prosthetics for Refugees

(The StepOut Programme)

The Challenge
There are hundreds of thousands of refugees and young people living with amputations in the developing world. Unfortunately, the prosthetic limbs currently available are either too expensive or not fit for purpose.

Our Aim
IRT aims to support the development of high-activity, low-cost prosthetics which will help refugees and people in developing countries to regain their mobility and live with dignity.

IRT has partnered with an independent inventor to produce high-activity, low-cost prosthetics for people living in developing countries and refugee camps. While a Western-manufactured, carbon-fibre foot might cost in the region of $3,000 USD, the intention is to provide a lower limb prosthetic, with a mobile ankle, for under $100. The main objectives of this project are:

The combinations of simplicity of design, availability of raw materials, ability to manufacture on site and the planned training package all combine to create truly sustainable change for the world’s poorest amputees, many of whom are refugees.