Barefoot Peace Walk 2011

On Saturday the 24th of September, International Refugee Trust took to the streets to hold our third Barefoot Peace Walk in order to bring attention to the brutal atrocities that the LRA are continuing to commit. We all dressed in white, the colour of peace, and walked in barefoot to represent the vulnerability of the civilians […]

Peace walks in Gulu and Lira

We are pleased to share that Barefoot Peace Walks were held in Gulu and Lira in Uganda on 21st September 2010, the UN International Day of Peace.   Gulu’s Barefoot Peace Walk focused on ‘walking in solidarity with LRA affected populations’.  Hundreds of citizens, student representatives, cooperatives of disabled and HIV-AIDS positive individuals, humanitarian workers, Catholic and […]

Barefoot Peace Walk: A success!

IRT would like to thank everyone involved for the success of the Barefoot Peace Walk! On Tuesday, 21 September 2010—the UN International Day of Peace—roughly 150 people took part in the walk or after-events in London. We could not have asked for better weather, and we are grateful for the enthusiasm of our participants, many […]

Call for a ‘fresh approach’ to the LRA

This week, Bishop Eduardo Hiiboro Kussala of Tombura-Yambio—the inspiration for London’s first Barefoot Peace Walk held on 24th October 2009—has called for a ‘fresh approach’ to the threat of the LRA across Sudan, the Democratic Republic of Congo, Uganda and the Central African Republic. A conference brought together Catholic Church clergy and civic representatives from […]

Radio towers: spreading the message to come home

We were really excited about Invisible Children’s latest fundraising drive for radio towers for an early warning system in the Democratic Republic of Congo (DRC). Given the severe lack of communication in many parts of the DRC, a SOS or early warning system would potentially save civilians in villages from death and rape in the threat […]

Barefoot Peace Walk: 24 October 2009

International Refugee Trust’s very first protest walk took place last weekend: Barefoot Peace Walk 2009. The walk was organised to raise international awareness about the atrocities caused by the Lord’s Resistance Army (LRA) in South Sudan, CAR and DRC. We also aimed to show solidarity to those affected by the LRA. We hope that through […]

Yambio barefoot and silent protest against LRA violence

In our blog of September 22 2009, we described the barefoot and silent protest organised by a Bishop in Yambio in Southern Sudan last month. Some 20 000 people joined in to protest against the violence caused by the LRA. Today we received images of this event which we want to share with you. The […]