Save a Syrian child’s life

Since 2011, an estimated 1.4 million have escaped to Jordan from Syria. Women and children have fled their homes to find safety from the bombs, often carrying little but the clothes on their backs. Living in dire poverty and lacking everyday essentials, Syrian mothers are often faced with stark choices. At worst, they may have […]

Our year at a glance: Helping people in crisis in South Sudan

International Refugee Trust has been working with our partners, the Comboni Missionary Sisters in South Sudan for over a decade providing vital healthcare to hundreds of displaced people. In a country that has one of the highest rates of infant mortality in the world, the St. Theresa Hospital in Nzara, South Sudan plays a critical […]

Jordan and the Syrian Refugee Crisis

Jordan is one of few countries around the world that have highly prioritised the safety of their Syrian neighbours. Jordan shares a border with Syria, so they have taken responsibility in helping Syrians escape the brutal civil war and violence that has come with it. Jordan has taken in 1,265,000 refugees, 657,422 of whom are […]

How will you Be Bold for Change?

  Today is International Women’s Day. The commemoration happens  8 March with a different focus each year. Last year’s focus was to Pledge for Parity. As the gender gap is not predicted to close until 2186, this year’s theme seems fitting to take action. Be Bold for Change. By now, you’ve probably seen the hashtag […]

Prosthetics for Refugees

There are hundreds of thousands of refugees and young people living with amputations in the developing world. But the prosthetic limbs currently available are either too expensive and or not fit for purpose.


More often than not, refugees are fleeing armed conflict. Sadly, many have already suffered injuries before managing to escape. One study indicates that roughly 80,000 Syrians require prosthetic fittings to replace limbs lost to war. The majority of amputees in the Western world are elderly, and are the result of circulation problems (such as those […]

Karak Hospital

The Challenge Karak is in the South of Jordan and has been described as ‘the forgotten corner of the Syrian Crisis’ with more than 20,000 refugees residing in the region. Syrian refugees who have found shelter in Karak, Tefile, Qatrane and other small villages are coming asking for help for medical emergency treatment. Unfortunately these areas are […]

Italian Hospital, Amman

The Challenge Many of the Syrian refugees arrive in Jordan sick and injured, or they become sick and succumb to infections because of the overcrowded living conditions. The high levels of stress also cause complications and premature births in many of the women. Our Aim We aim to help the most needy and to support […]