Nzara HIV/Aids Programme

The Challenge There are an estimated 180,000 people living with HIV/AIDS in South Sudan. In 2015, 12,000 people died from AIDS, and over 100,000 children were orphaned after losing one or both parents to the disease. Only 10% of those diagnosed with AIDS are receiving anti-retroviral treatment. There is already a lack of medical resources […]

Paediatric Ward at Nzara Hospital

The Challenge The hospital, located in the southwest of the country, is seeing an influx of patients due to increasing numbers of refugees and displaced people seeking out medical treatment. The paediatric ward in particular is treating increasing numbers of children with severe cases of malaria and sickle cell disease. In a country with one […]


For over 50 years, Jordanians have provided a safe haven for millions of refugees – Palestinians, Iraqis, and now Syrians. IRT first started supporting projects in Jordan in 1998 when the country was a refuge for Palestinians. Refugees are in need of medical treatment, especially vulnerable mothers and children. Due to Jordanian policies, refugees are […]

South Sudan

  Since its independence in 2011, regrowth has struggled immensely, and the people of South Sudan have suffered.South Sudan is the world’s newest country, and one of the least developed. While there are no actual population figures, it is estimated that there are 11.91 million people, 40% of whom are children under the age of […]