StepUp Production Store

Exciting things are happening with Step Up! Five years ago, IRT first implemented the StepUp programme , which trains local farmers to grow their own food effectively and sustainably in northern Uganda. Families who once struggled to eat one meal per day are now able to have three nutritious meals per day. We hope to […]

Our year at a glance: Stepping Up out of poverty in Uganda

Uganda is one of the world’s poorest nations, due to decades of conflict. An entire generation lost out on education and training opportunities, never developing the skills to thrive. Our StepUp programme aims to break the cycle of poverty that afflicts rural farming families in northern Uganda. IRT has supported the StepUp programme since 2011, […]

The importance of smallholder farms and sustainability

  Sustainability. It’s a word that is talked about a lot in development. That’s because many organisations like IRT recognise that projects we implement need to stay in communities for the long term to truly improve people’s lives. Sustainable agricultural practices are important to the farmers IRT supports, but generally for the planet as well. […]

How will you Be Bold for Change?

  Today is International Women’s Day. The commemoration happens  8 March with a different focus each year. Last year’s focus was to Pledge for Parity. As the gender gap is not predicted to close until 2186, this year’s theme seems fitting to take action. Be Bold for Change. By now, you’ve probably seen the hashtag […]

Step Up

The Challenge In northern Uganda, 80% of the population are subsistence farmers meaning they survive hand-to-mouth, growing just enough food for one meal a day. Farming is heavy work, yet over 75% of the labour is done by women who work 12-18 hour days. Child mortality in the region is around 50%. People see no other […]

Moyo Babies Home

The Challenge Many children and babies become orphaned during times of conflict and forced displacement. The nature of the conflicts in northern Uganda and across the border in South Sudan have made it especially difficult to find relatives of lost and orphaned children. Every child deserves a safe and loving environment to grow up in […]


In northern Uganda, you will find some of the poorest people in the world but they are also some of the most determined to rebuild their lives after decades of violence and forced displacement. At one point, nearly 2 million people were forced to flee their homes in fear of brutal rebel force the Lord’s […]