Why do we support Syrian refugees?

In this short piece our Chief Officer, Steven Smith, explains why International Refugee Trust is helping to rebuild the lives of Syrian refugees in Jordan. The civil war in Syria has resulted in a refugee situation on a catastrophic scale: 13.5 million Syrians require humanitarian assistance Of which more than 6 million are internally displaced […]

Save a Syrian child’s life

Since 2011, an estimated 1.4 million have escaped to Jordan from Syria. Women and children have fled their homes to find safety from the bombs, often carrying little but the clothes on their backs. Living in dire poverty and lacking everyday essentials, Syrian mothers are often faced with stark choices. At worst, they may have […]

Help transform lives

Being forced from your home, leaving all that you know behind and fleeing your country is something unimaginable to many of us. But humanitarian crises such as civil conflicts, natural disasters and crippling poverty meant more than 65 million people, an unprecedented number, are experiencing this tragedy. With your support, IRT’s mission, is to help […]

Our year at a glance: Supporting Syrian refugees in Jordan

Over 80 years ago, two Italian Catholic hospitals were set up to provide free medical care to refugees and the most vulnerable – one in the capital city, Amman, the other in┬áKarak, 129 kilometres further south. With generous gifts from our committed supporters IRT has been supporting the hospitals in providing vital care to refugees […]

What Jordan can learn from Uganda: The Refugee Crisis

There has never been a universal approach to dealing with the many refugee crises throughout history. Some countries handle influxes of refugees better than others. This is because many countries have not created policies to support refugees, and in times of crisis, are caught in a bind, where they support the intake of refugees, but […]

Poverty: The main obstacle to development

While IRT and countless other charities focus on access to education, clean water and improved sanitation practices, one major issue remains. Poverty. Poverty is the original source of suffering that is preventing millions of people to improve their livelihoods. At IRT, we want to support the communities we work with to lift themselves out of […]