Our Sustainable Livelihoods' Project
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Moyo Babies' Home
Our Chilren's Home for Children Under 6.
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Redeemer Children's Home
Our Children's Home and Vocational Higher Education Project
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Uganda has faced political instability since the 1960s and was devastated by the Lord’s Resistance Army (LRA) for over 30 years, beginning in 1986. The LRA was one of the cruellest armed group witnessed in Africa and became notorious for its abductions, with tends of thousands kidnapped over the years. This included over 30,000 children, who were used as child solders, sex slaves and porters. In 2006, there has been relative peace in the country since a truce was signed by the government and the LRA, creating the opportunity for long-term stability.

International Refugee Trust have been working in Uganda since 1995 and have an in-depth knowledge or the country. From 1998 to present, IRT has been funding the Moyo Babies’ Home and the Redeemer Children’s home. In 2012, IRT commenced its flagship project, StepUp, with our partner organisation, Organisation for Community Action. StepUp works with multiple villages across northern Uganda, helping small holder famers work together to learn new skills and build sustainable livelihoods.