International Refugee Trust (IRT) was founded in 1989 by an Irish Missionary Priest, Fr. Kevin Doheny, whose aim was to help refugees and displaced persons around the world. To this day we work with a number of religious and non–religious community organisations whose staff are dedicated to helping the most vulnerable refugees, returnees, displaced persons and those at risk of displacement.

Churches and parish groups across the UK and Ireland have been long time and dedicated supporters of IRT and the Sisters. Without them and their very generous parishioners, we could neither have achieved all we have, nor continue to support the Sisters in their valuable work in South Sudan, Uganda and Jordan.

We and the Sisters are so grateful for the support all the churches and parishioners provide us, both in donations and in their prayers. If you or your Church are interested in supporting IRT and the Sisters in South Sudan, Uganda and Jordan there is a wide variety of ways to help and raise money: in church via your Lenten and Advent appeals as well as by fundraising events such as cake sales, tea parties or bazaars.

In donating your money to IRT, you can trust us to ensure your money is spent on people who need it most, the forgotten and the vulnerable. We can tell you personally where and how your money is making a difference.  Every penny of money raised by parishes goes to the project of their choice.

Our Chief Executive, Steven Smith, greatly enjoys visiting our supporters and their churches and can give a short presentation to explain more about IRT and our work.

Over the years we’ve received very generous support from many churches and parish groups. We want to say thank you to everyone and to celebrate some of the vital changes they’ve made possible.

Our Lady of Lourdes in Harpenden

The parish of Our Lady of Lourdes in Harpenden has been supporting IRT projects for ten years.  Their Developing World Group responded to a mailing we sent out and they began by raising money for the Moyo Babies’ Home.

Since 2004 they have raised the truly magnificent sum of £67,990 for several projects.

Most recently they have been fundraising for an accommodation block to be built in Wau, South Sudan, for particularly vulnerable returnees.  Prior to that they paid for a grain store to be built at the Redeemer Children’s Home.  Our CEO has visited the parish over the years to tell parishioners about the projects they are supporting.

St Edward, Sutton Park

Many parishes choose to fundraise just during Lent or Advent for one year.  Their contribution is no less appreciated.  This year the parish of St Edward, Sutton Park near Guildford raised funds during Lent.  Every penny of this went to the Italian Hospitals in Jordan for the care of Syrian refugees.

Please get in touch with us if you would like to discuss involving your parish in our work.