Fundraising ideas

We want you, your friends, family and colleagues to have as much fun as possible when fundraising for IRT. Our Fundraising Manager Jessica has put together an A-Z of fundraising ideas, all tried and tested and guaranteed to not only be successful but lots of fun too!

A-Z of Fundraising
A is for Auction
Is anybody you know holding an event or dinner in the near future? Why not ask if you can hold an auction during the event! You could ask local businesses to donate prizes or experiences to bid on. We can even write a letter of authority for you to show the businesses you approach, that you are fundraising legitimately.

B is for Bake Sale
This one is definitely a welcome treat in local communities and offices. Not a baker yourself? Why not ask your local bakery or supermarket to donate cakes to sell, or even ask your family and friends to don their aprons and cook their favourite treats for your sale? Hot tip: never underestimate the classic sausage roll, these are always a big hit!

C is for Christmas cards
IRT have a beautiful collection of Christmas cards available to sell. Alternatively, you could get the glitter out and have a go at making some homemade cards yourself. Ask your local parish or School if you can sell them at their Christmas fair.

D is for Dog show
People love to show off their beloved pooches! Why not hold a dog show in your local community with all proceeds going to IRT? Prizes could be offered for most obedient, or even best fancy dress! Make it more fun by having a theme like 80’s or film stars! Your local pet store may like to sponsor the event or donate prizes.

E is for eBay
Everybody has some hidden treasures in their loft or garage. Old 80’s board games, clothes, trinkets, art.. pretty much anything can be sold on eBay these days. This is a great opportunity to have a clear out and get rid of unwanted items in your home and make money for IRT at the same time.

F is for Fireworks display
Fireworks shouldn’t just be allowed in November! Why not hold a firework display in your garden, or ask permission to hold one in your local community? Charge for entry with all proceeds going to IRT.

G is for Give something up
Ask friends, family and colleagues to sponsor you for giving up your favourite vice for the day/week/month or even year! It could be anything from chocolate to alcohol. The more important the vice, the more sponsorship you will receive!

H is for Haircut
Do you know any hairdressers that would volunteer for an afternoon to give haircuts in exchange for a donation? Maybe in your place of work or school? Nail technicians and masseuses are also a big hit in a busy office.

I is for Indian Curry ‘Off’
Think your Curry is the best in the West? Why not compete with your friends or colleagues and hold a curry off! Charge a fee to become a judge, with all proceeds going to IRT.

J is for Jumble Sale
Jumble and Car boot sales are more popular than ever. With the recent craze for ‘Vintage’ clothes, fashionistas are always on the look out for original pieces. Ask your local pub if you could hold a jumble/vintage sale in their function room with all proceeds going to IRT.

K for Karaoke
This one is always a winner! Ask your local pub if you could hold a Karaoke competition with all proceeds going to IRT. You could also hold a collection on the night.

L is for Lip Sync battle
Not much of a karaoke singer? Don’t worry, neither am I! Why not hold a Lip sync battle instead! Miming to your favourite song, complete with dance routines and inflatable guitars is always lots of fun for all (and easy on the ears!)

M is for Marathon
Why not run a 10k, half marathon or go for the big one and run a full marathon for IRT! Either get a place with IRT or choose a local marathon, raising sponsorship. IRT will support you all the way with any materials and running vests.

N is for non-uniform day
Do you have any children, nieces, nephews etc? Why not ask their School head if they will hold a non-uniform day? All students usually make a donation of about £1 for the day.

O is for Onesie at work
There must have been days when it’s a bit chilly and you wished you were wearing your Giraffe onesie at work? Well, why not have a onesie day and ask all employees to make a donation for the privilege of wearing a onesie all day!

P is for Pyjama party
Why not hold a party at your home, school, pub and ask all attendees to attend in their pyjamas! All guests make a donation as an entrance fee.

Q is for Quiz
Ask your local pub if you can hold a pub quiz! You could choose a specialist subject, and even ask local businesses to donate prizes.

R is for Raffle
Ask your friends to bake cakes to give as prizes, or ask local businesses to donate prizes.

S is for Station collection
Most overground and underground stations will give you permission on an agreed date to do a bucket collection for the day. Please call IRT for advice on approaching a station for permission.

T is for Treasure Hunt
Treasure hunts aren’t just for kids! Hide clues and alcoholic prizes for an Adult themed hunt.

U is for Underground race
Race your friends or colleagues on the London underground! Teams should start from different parts of London, and end in the same location (usually a pub!) with all entrance fees and proceeds going to IRT.

V is for Variety show
Holding a variety show at your office can be so much fun. Who knew Barry in accounts was also an amateur magician?Charge an entry fee and enjoy watching your colleagues completely embarrass themselves!

W is for Walk
Trying to increase your ‘steps’ every day? Why not ask your friends and colleagues to sponsor you to walk 20 miles in one week? You could rack up the miles in your lunch breaks, on the way to work, walking the dog, any way you can!

X is for Xmas Grotto
Build a beautiful grotto in your local parish hall, school or even office! Ask a friend to be Santa and give out presents! Charge a fee for entry and remember to ask trusted people for help when working with children.

Y is for Yes Day
This is one of my favourites! For one day only, you must say yes to everything (within reason of course) in exchange for a donation. E.g., if somebody asks you to clean their car, say yes! Or asks you to make them a cup of tea, say yes!

Z is for Zumba
Start a weekly Zumba class in your office, church hall, pub function room. All profits after paying the instructor, to go to IRT.

Please contact us for more information on fundraising for IRT.