Do something amazing, leave a gift in your will

International Refugee Trust (IRT) is a small charity, and a legacy of any size makes a big difference to the number of refugees, displaced people and returnees that we can help overseas. Many of the projects which IRT supports are run by Missionary Sisters and Christian organisations, often working in remote areas affected by conflict, who have dedicated their lives to helping some of the world’s poorest people. With our help they can continue to bring hope to those who have nowhere else to turn.

Over the years we have been left a number of gifts in wills, both large and small, from former donors. These legacies have been absolutely invaluable.

This year (2022) we have been left three legacies from supporters Jane, Ruth and Loretto. The legacies totalled just over £35,000. These gifts will make an incredible, life-changing difference to thousands of lives.

We are so grateful to these kind and generous supporters. Whatever the amount, from £10 to £100,000, the money goes such a long way to help those in need and we always have more projects than we have funding for.

How your legacy can help

Last year we received a large legacy from a lady who had been a generous donor for many years. This wonderful gift meant that we could afford to give training and support to many hundreds more families living in desperate poverty in Northern Uganda and on the Thai/Burma border, whose lives have been affected by conflict.

With the skills, confidence and resources to become self-reliant and transform their lives, these families and communities now have a brighter future. Thanks also to this generous donor, we were able to help the Moyo Babies’ Home and Redeemer Children’s Home in northern Uganda, which are run by the Sacred Heart Sisters, to improve their farming methods and grow more food to feed themselves.

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If you have any questions about how a legacy could help support our work, please call us on 020 8994 9120 or email us [email protected]