Community groups

School Outreach

We love working with schools because so much of our work is about helping children, from some of the poorest countries, to go to school and have a proper education. Without our help many of these children, especially girls, would never get the chance to do this. We also help older students with vocational training for their future careers such as teaching and nursing. Often we help support teachers and schools with books, equipment and salaries.

We recognise that talking to children, especially younger ones, about refugees and issues facing children in countries like South Sudan and Uganda can be very difficult, but it doesn’t have to be. We’ve designed a range of activities and topics for talking to students, each based on age appropriateness.

Most of all we want students, teachers and parents to have fun and come together to support children and schools in South Sudan and Uganda. We can help you organise fun days, dress down days, baking challenges, fetes and sports days.

We’d love to hear from you if you would like an IRT team member to come and speak at your school, perhaps as part of Refugee Week every June, or to help run a fundraising event or challenge. Please call us on 020 8994 9120 or email [email protected]

Other Groups

We also love working with all other community groups such as WI’s, coffee mornings, book clubs, running clubs, rugby clubs, rowing clubs, Justice and Peace groups, mother and baby groups, Rotary Clubs etc..

If you would like us to visit your group to talk about our overseas projects, please call 020 8994 9120 or email [email protected]