Donate with Dumbbells

IRT are thrilled with our kind donation from ‘Donate with Dumbbells’!

Over the course of lockdown, it seems that everyone became familiar with Zoom video calls. Some of the healthier among us even dipped our toes in Zoom workouts and fitness training! While leading these sorts of sessions, fitness trainer Praniel Doolabh had an idea; he wanted to combine his passion for leading fitness classes with charitable fundraising. From there, ‘Donate with Dumbbells’ was born.

Praniel runs free ‘Donate with Dumbbells’ sessions every week, where he encourages participants to donate money to a good cause. On Saturday 12th September, participants donated a total of £160 towards IRT, all of which will go directly towards helping the vulnerable refugees and displaced people we support overseas. We are so grateful to everyone who took part for your generosity during such a challenging year.

Praniel came up with the idea after reflecting on how some us are more fortunate to keep our jobs as so many others face uncertainty.

He tells IRT “I was inspired to use my passion for fitness to support those less fortunate… We have raised proceeds in support of Black Lives Matter, education, cancer, food distribution, the Yemen crisis, the Lebanon blast, the Mauritius oil spill and many others.”

Getting fit for a good cause

The sessions consist of a full body workout comprising of HIIT, upper body, lower body and abs. No equipment is required, however dumbbells or resistance bands are optional additions. Sessions are always designed to provide exercise variations from beginner to intermediate level. If you are interested in participating or learning more about ‘Donate with Dumbbells’, please follow the Instagram handle @‘donate.with.dumbbells’ or visit the Facebook page ‘Donate with Dumbbells’.

IRT would like to once again offer our huge thanks to Praneil Dooblagh and all of his sporty participants for your fundraising efforts. Their selfless ingenuity is so inspiring to see and will really make a difference to our vital, life-saving projects across Jordan, Uganda, South Sudan and Tanzania.