IRT help baby Lilas in Jordan

Flora Barker

IRT volunteer Flora Barker writes about one of many Syrian refugee children IRT are helping:
Lilas’ (pictured) parents Ahmad and Hailma had already suffered unimaginable pain as refugees from Aleppo, they fled to Jordan in 2013. Displaced by the brutal civil war which continues to destroy lives across Syria, they felt hopeless when they were faced with yet another undeserved trauma. Their 8-month-old daughter, Lilas, began suffering from bronchitis. Lilas is yet another statistic in the millions of innocent children whose parents have been forced to flee Syria in search of safety and basic human necessities like food and water. Just a baby, Lilas was in urgent need of crucial medical treatment, without which her bronchitis would have developed into life-ending pneumonia.

With father Ahmad doing the best he can working as a porter; the household income was still extremely limited. Ahmad and Hailma rely on financial support from The UN Refugee Agency just to cover the cost of keeping a roof over their family’s heads. Trapped in poverty, there was no money available for the family to pay for beloved daughter Lilas’ lifesaving medical care.

Thankfully, due to The International Refugee Trust’s financial support of The Italian Hospital in Amman, there remained hope for little baby Lilas. As non-Jordanian citizens, refugees are not entitled to government assistance towards medical treatment. A majority of refugee families simply do not have the funds to pay for medical treatment themselves. Therefore, the financial aid from IRT proves indispensable for many families just like Lilas’. With IRT’s help, Lilas was successfully treated for bronchitis and made a full recovery, ending her parents’ anguish. Without the ongoing hard work of The Dominican Sisters of The Presentation, who run The Italian Hospital, and your unbelievably generous donations as supporters of IRT, incredible success stories like these would not be possible.