IRT help Wafaa at the Italian Hospital in Amman, Jordan

Flora Barker

IRT’s Programme Funding Officer, Flora Barker, writes about the impact IRT are making in Amman, Jordan:

Like millions of other refugees, 41-year-old Wafaa was forced to flee her home in Syria following the devastating civil war. She and her family made the treacherous journey to Jordan in 2013. With her husband Mohamed being trapped in unemployment, due to his crippling physical disability, the family’s income is extremely limited. Wafaa and Mohamed survive month-to-month on food vouchers and cash assistance from The UN Refugee Agency. Even with some additional income from Wafaa’s brother, who works as a porter, the family members are still left stretched to their financial limit. Her brother only earns a meagre monthly wage of just 150 JOD (£162) and he uses it all to support his parents and other siblings as well.

Faced with these immensely challenging circumstances, Wafaa was diagnosed with anaemia. The family simply did not have the funds to pay for the lifesaving treatment which could end her suffering. As a refugee in Jordan, Wafaa is not entitled to government assistance; this is where The International Refugee Trust steps in. IRT sends regular funding to The Italian Hospital in Amman to ensure that financial support can be given to refugees who are in desperate need of urgent medical treatment, surgery and medicine. Wafaa was treated and able to successfully recover from anaemia, thanks to funding from IRT and the medical attention of The Dominican Sisters of The Presentation, who work tirelessly to run the hospital. With your generous donations, IRT will be able to save the lives of even more innocent refugees, just like Wafaa.