Karak Hospital

The Challenge
Karak is in the South of Jordan and has been described as ‘the forgotten corner of the Syrian Crisis’ with more than 20,000 refugees residing in the region. Syrian refugees who have found shelter in Karak, Tefile, Qatrane and other small villages are arriving at the hospital seeking emergency medical treatment.

Unfortunately, these areas are not the focus of humanitarian aid in Jordan; the local governments are stretched too thin and cannot help the refugees.

Our Aim
We aim to help the most needy and support the hospitals’ doctors and nurses to care for as many vulnerable refugees as possible, to provide crucial treatments, lifesaving surgeries and any additional methods of support they may need.

Medical care for Syrian refugees
The hospital is run by our partners The Comboni Missionary Sisters who provide essential and lifesaving medical treatment for Syrian refugees. It is the only hospital in the region with the necessary equipment and experienced staff required to perform the treatments needed; treatments such as dialysis for the increasing number of children suffering from kidney problems or emergency surgeries.

Many of the Syrian refugees requiring emergency surgery are young mothers who urgently need a caesarean section in order to safely delivery their babies.

Without the care of the hospital’s surgeons and the excellent care of Sr.Clara, who oversees the postnatal ward, both mother and baby could very likely die in childbirth. With IRT’s support, the hospital is able to treat mothers and babies who desperately need their help.


The hospital also sees many Syrian refugees who are sick and require antibiotics to treat infection and fever. The unsanitary living conditions many of the refugees are forced to live in mean they are highly susceptible to infections, especially young children. The Sisters and staff at the hospital ensure these children receive the necessary treatments and medication to recover from their infections.