The challenge 

Children at the Redeemer Children's Home often arrive there through the most tragic circumstances, having lost their parents through conflict, extreme poverty and HIV/AIDS.

The children need a safe and loving environment where they can grow up and attend school.

Redeemer Children’s Home

The Home is run by the Sacred Heart Sisters, who provide a loving and caring home for the children while they attend school and later to go through vocational training. For example, training as car mechanics. Both girls and boys attend school and particular care is given to ensure they have good role models. 

How IRT help

With our help, Redeemer Children’s Home has successfully established a small-scale farm with a piggery, dairy cattle and poultry. The farm also produces a number of crops including maize, soya and millet which are then ground by the Home’s mill. A large proportion of the crops are produced to feed the children. The Home also runs a small shop in the nearby town of Moyo. The shop sells items such as sugar, rice, eggs (from the Home’s chickens), toiletries, children’s shoes, clothes and fizzy drinks. All the profits from the shop go towards the Home’s day-to-day running costs. 

In supporting Redeemer Children’s Home, we aim to provide orphaned children age 6 and up a safe and loving place in which to grow up and go to school.

To ensure the long-term care for the children, we work closely with the Sisters to establish income-generating projects.