Redeemer Children’s Home

Support a child to go to school

The Situation

The Redeemer Children’s Home and Moyo’s Babies Home are located in Moyo, Uganda. The Moyo District is one of the poorest and most remote regions in northern Uganda. The area was devastated by the Lord Resistance Army and hosts a high number of refugees who are fleeing violence in South Sudan. Many of the refugees are children, who arrive alone. Unfortunately, due to the circumstances, many of these children are separated from their parents and cannot contact them. The homes offers a safe place for these children, providing them with food, clothes, shelter and education. Sr. Pasqua Binen Anena is head of the Redeemer Children’s Home and helps to look after the 64 children currently residing at the home.

The Vocational Higher Education Scheme

A priority at the Redeemer Children’s Home is preparing the children for a life beyond the home, through our Vocation Higher Education Scheme. In Uganda, 90% of children attend primary school, however, less that 25% begin secondary school and even less have the opportunity to receive a tertiary education. At Redeemer, we are providing children with the chance to break the poverty cycle by sponsoring children throughout all their education including vocational training. The vocational courses are open to all the children once they turn 17. Children can enrol in courses to become doctors, pharmacists, nurses, mid-wives, teachers, farmers and tailors.

Completing education can cut poverty by more than half, yet less than 25% of children in Uganda finish secondary school