The challenge

While the rate of primary and secondary education is climbing in Uganda, there are still many factors turning girls away from school. Inadequate school infrastructure (classrooms and furniture), sexual harassment and gender based violence, pregnancy, and household responsibilities such as cooking and caring for younger siblings are all major deterrents for girls in Uganda. In rural areas, it is even more difficult for girls to attend school because of the school fees and finding money for transportation to the school.

While there are many forces working against the female child, the benefits of receiving an education outweigh the negative aspects tremendously.

How IRT help

As part of the StepUp programme, OCA has established a scholarship scheme that promotes and encourages education for the girl child. Girls in StepUp communities have the ability to join a programme that provides funding for their school fees. While not every girl is able to be a part of the programme, it has definitely encouraged more girls to attend school.

In one StepUp community, over 50 girls are now enrolled in secondary school.