Sir Terry Wogan’s interview with IRT’s founder Fr. Kevin Doheny

International Refugee Trust is proudly celebrating 30 years of supporting refugees overseas. IRT was founded by Father Kevin Doheny back in 1989 who worked tirelessly to help refugees all over the world. In 1989, Fr Doheny had already been an activist for refugees for 20 years, and was working hard to raise awareness of extreme poverty in the world caused by war, conflict, persecution and famine.

In this interview from December 1990, Fr Doheny talks to the legendary Sir Terry Wogan about his life, his work with Mother Theresa and why he chose this vocation to help refugees around the world.

International Refugee Trust is still going strong, improving the lives of refugees, internally displaced people (IDP) and returnees around the world. IRT is there when the big agencies move on. Read more about IRT’s current projects.