We  support the Step-Up Project, a multifaceted initiative focused on agricultural programmes in Lira, Uganda. This comprehensive project encompasses education, healthcare, and livelihoods to enhance the well-being of vulnerable populations in Northern Uganda. Through collaboration with a local NGO, Organisation for Community Action (OCA), we have been a key partner since 2009, with successful outcomes from previous Step-Up programmes in Lira and West Nile.

Central to the Step-Up programme is the promotion of farmer cooperatives, empowered to generate income through a rural savings system. Notably, these cooperatives have achieved self-sufficiency, marking the sustainability of the initiative. Our current programme reaches 600 households, benefiting a total of 4,200 individuals, and supports 19,831 farmers and their families across five programme intakes.

The Step-Up Project is made possible with funding from the JAC Trust, Waterloo Foundation, and the Orp Foundation, and it exemplifies how collaborative efforts with local partners can drive transformative change across entire communities.