Twins Elizabeth and Nambatayo want to become Doctors and help other refugees

Jessica Eames

Schools in refugee camps around the world are often underfunded and overcrowded, making it extremely difficult for refugee children to access a good education. Many families cannot afford to send their children to school, and with a lack of education, it is difficult for refugees to get out the poverty cycle, and improve their lives.

Twin sisters Elizabeth and Nambatayo, who were once in this predicament, are now at the Moyo Redeemer Children’s Home. They have big dreams of becoming doctors to help the people at their former refugee camp in Gulu. Thanks to your donations, Elizabeth and Nambatayo are now attending a government school where they can turn these dreams into a reality. We are so proud of Elizabeth and Nambatayo and hope to see them one day, working in hospitals, saving lives.

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